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You’ve just inherited a house and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps the house needs a lot of repairs before it can even be presented on the market. Maybe the loved one who passed and left you with the house still has payments that need to be made, and or other costly bills that need to be addressed. If this sounds familiar you’re likely telling yourself, “I need help with the house I inherited. This is too much.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Express Homebuyers helps people in this exact same situation everyday nationwide. We help people sell inherited houses nationwide, including Miami, Washington DC and Baltimore areas.

Get Cash For Your Inherited House in Days

Going through the Real Estate market to sell an inherited house is time-consuming and costly. It can take months to close if you’re even able to find a buyer. You also end up paying high fees and commissions. A better, faster solution exists. Express Homebuyers is a stress-free way to sell your inherited house fast. Our simple three-step process that will get your inherited home sold in a matter of days

Will Express Homebuyers Really Buy My Inherited House?​

Absolutely! We buy inherited houses nationwide. We have developed a team of home buying experts that specialize in each area of the home selling process. We visit your house and once your house is reviewed, you schedule a settlement date that works best for you. You don’t pay any fees or commissions. We’ve streamlined the home selling process, adding maximum value to home sellers. Because we buy houses, even inherited ones, we’ve eliminated all the dead weight that typically comes with a traditional real estate transaction we’re able to get you cash for your house in just days!

Three-Step Process To Sell Your House Fast



Call or fill out our form to give us details about your house.

Our Home Buying Specialist will give you an offer range over the phone in just a few minutes.



We come to your property to finalize the paperwork.

Review details at your home. Once we’re at your property, we review your house, verifying all the information we spoke about on the phone. There is no need to clean or repair anything. We answer all of your questions and confirm every detail. At that time, you receive a written offer and outline everything we’ll do to complete the purchase of your home.



You sign the paperwork and schedule your settlement date.

Your home will be sold in just a few days. It’s really that easy.

Get Your Fair Cash Offer in 7 Minutes!

or Call us at 410-736-8000 , 410-989-2156